Acadia National Park Residency

In the Fall of 2016 I was selected as artist in residence at Acadia National Park. Many of us East-coasters have been to Acadia before, but this residency is unique in that it is based in a lesser-visited portion of the park, the Schoodic Peninsula. From my perspective, this was perfect. The Schoodic Peninsula offers many of the same features as the main park, only minus the crowds of people. 

If you've never been to Acadia before, or if you have, but only to the main island, I cannot recommend the peninsula enough. It is the epitome of solitude and relaxation, especially in October. In my two weeks there with my family, I was able to hike every trail on the Schoodic and explore some breathtaking sights that aren't marked on the map.
​You can get the ebook that highlights all that the Schoodic Peninsula has to offer through photos and short anecdotes. Available through the Amazon store.
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