Video Installation

Excerpt from my Graduate Thesis, Humanity and Connective Technology, pg.52-3
"My #foodsunsetcats videos approach this idea of specificity in a different light. Through the Internet and primarily social media we are encouraged to share our lives,and to collectively experience the lives of others. First, this severely degrades the notion of “sharing”, and second, the quantity that the Internet allows strips each recorded event of its specificity. Unique events and images are blended together into a typology, a mere broad description of a generalized experience... My videos are a direct product of this reality. Streams of images from a single category flash by at an incomprehensible rate, in effectcreating a single image from the many."

#foodsunsetcats, details
3 channel video, appropriated images, wood pedestal; 12"x22"x34", 2012

Continuous Partial Awareness
Excerpt from my Graduate Thesis, Humanity and Connective Technology, pg.53
"'Continuous Partial Awareness' initially reads as a piece about fractured identity, but what it explores more fully is multitasking, virtual slippage and content consumption. The different sections of the portrait are for sensory intake as well as response, but when each is made independent one is left with a single face trying to both consume and respond to an over stimulating barrage of inputs. These out of sync elements create a distorted and at times humorous or even uncomfortable presence that highlights our own struggle to make sense of the constant “now”. This piece also emphasizes moments of slippage. In our interactions with technology there are times when we are immersed and there are times in which fissures of the virtual world are made visible. We become so convinced of the realness of digital interaction that when breakages occur they are quite startling, but maybe only for our realization that we have been fooling ourselves. The trivial nature of the content being consumed (reading off a facebook wall) asks the question, 'is the struggle to keep up and stay immersed really worth it when what is being consumed is so inconsequential?'"

"Continuous Partial Awareness" , still
5 channel video, 5 channel audio, dvd players, pedestal, 2-4 minutes looped each, 20x30x38in, 2012.

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